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Bryan Foltz

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Empower our clients and help them rebuild their lives due to insurance litigation, personal injuries, criminal accusations, and contractual failures.

Deliver skilled, effective, and innovative legal representation at a reasonable cost.

Use technological innovation to improve the quality of our client services and reduce legal costs.
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About foltz law pa

We're advancing the way our clients work with their trusted legal advocates.

bryan foltz, managing attorney

Primarily, we advise and represent our clients in courts, before government agencies, and in private legal matters.

As a means to support our primary role, we also communicate regularly with our clients and anyone of interest in our case, conduct necessary research, and prepare for potential legal hurdles .

On a fundamental level, we provide advice and recommendations to clients regarding their legal rights and obligations, and, when necessary, we argue cases in court.

While what we do is usually not as profound or dramatic as it can sometimes be portrayed, every time we take on a new client the stakes are high enough to warrant legal representation.
Through our education and work experience, Foltz Law PA specializes in a number of areas including insurance litigation, personal injury, criminal cases, and contractual disputes.

More than anything, though, we listen to our clients so we may discover how we can approach their case with humanity while also discovering all possible avenues leading to a successful case.