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Criminal Cases

If you have been detained, arrested, or charged with a crime in the state of Florida, you should call Foltz Law PA as early as possible. When you're facing criminal accusations, you need an experienced and passionate criminal defense attorney on your side to safeguard your rights at every turn. Your choice of counsel can have a significant impact on the result of your case.

Overview of Florida Criminal Defense

All criminal charges must be proven beyond a doubt by prosecutors. It is critical to find a criminal defense attorney in Florida who can assess the circumstances and provide the most strategic and best defense possible, whether the accusations are misdemeanor or felonies. Felonies have harsher penalties than misdemeanors, but any conviction will remain on your record. A constitutional or procedural defense, such as filing a request to suppress evidence for a police officer's violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, maybe the best option in some circumstances. There are other instances where a substantive defense, such as self-defense or Stand Your Ground, is feasible. A confidential informant or witness's credibility may also be called into question.

Common Criminal Cases We Handle

Drug charges, domestic abuse cases, DUI cases, public intoxication, and public disorder crimes, and assault and battery cases, weapon charges, and probation violations are the most prevalent sorts of criminal defense cases we handle. We also handle a lot of instances involving property offenses including theft, fraud, grand larceny, and property damage.

The most common cases we handle include:

Drug-related offenses

Various acts involving controlled drugs such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine, GHB, ecstasy, Fentanyl, and others are prosecuted as drug offenses. A defendant may be prosecuted with simple possession of a controlled drug. The punishment may be affected by the type of restricted drug. Controlled substance trafficking may be involved in other drug offenses. Substance trafficking is harshly penalized, and if a certain amount of the drug is implicated, a mandatory minimum jail sentence is imposed.

Sexual Offenses

There are a variety of sex offenses for which you may be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. This is a severe punishment that may have an impact on where you work, live, and what you do for a livelihood. We aggressively defend those accused of child pornography, sexual violence, lewd or lascivious acts, sexual misbehavior, prostitution, and other crimes. What you must prove is determined by the specific sex offense for which you have been accused.


If the prosecution feels they can prove that you were driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of.08 percent or above, or that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs, you may face DUI charges in Florida. A first-time DUI conviction can result in imprisonment, license suspension, penalties, and the use of an ignition interlock device. In general, the penalties for successive crimes within the lookback period, as well as offenses that result in injury, are harsher. Being charged with a DUI can be frightening, but a Sarasota criminal defense attorney can assist you in investigating the details surrounding the stop and determining if you have a substantive or procedural defense.

Contact our Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

You can't take chances with your defense if you're facing criminal accusations. With your freedom, job prospects, and reputation on the line, it's critical to hire a criminal defense attorney who will fight hard for you. Our criminal defense attorney at Foltz Law PA can assist you in uncovering information about your case that can be used to your benefit and damage the prosecution's case.

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